Concrete Floors Repairs

In this section we will explain why we are experts in repairing concrete floors, the main cases we find on the market and how we solve them.

Many times we forget about the floor, but when it cracks or deteriorates, it is a constant pain that cannot be ignored.

A floor in poor condition represents a great risk to the safety and health of employees. In addition, it can lead to serious accidents that damage staff and destroy stock.

Can you imagine an industrial forklift truck loading a pallet on a shelf 5 meters high and having the wheels go through a bump or a crack?

These are our main industrial floor repair services, mainly concrete.

  • Concrete joint and cracks repairs.
  • Joint filling.
  • Coating removal / Grinding (Epoxy, PVC, Poliurea)
  • Fitting and bolts removal from the floor
  • Paint lines removal

Is it necessary to stop production in order to carry out repairs to the concrete floor?

It is not always necessary to stop production, but it is very likely. It depends on the area affected and the size of the repair. If it is a very busy area it will be necessary to stop traffic in the area while the repairs are being carried out and these should usually be left to dry for at least 10 hours after the repairs.

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