Advantages of steel fibre reinforced concrete over traditional
Steel Fiber Reinforcement


Reinforced concrete was the solution given to the deficiencies of concrete alone. Despite the robust appearance of this material, it could be considered quite fragile when it comes to the truth.

Although it can withstand very high loads, when these are overcome, instead of deforming, it breaks directly. This indicates to us, therefore, that its resistance to flexotraction is very weak.

For this reason, an electro-welded mesh has always been added to the concrete, thus giving rise to what is known as reinforced concrete. This was the best way until now to overcome the low flexibility of this material.

However, there is now a much more effective way: adding steel fibres to it. When such fibres are implemented, it is no longer necessary to add the reinforcement that has traditionally been included.

They achieve a much better effect and are also a more economical alternative. So, to help you understand why it is ideal to opt for concrete slabs reinforced with steel fibres, in this article we are going to talk about the advantages they offer.

Advantages of steel fibre concrete

  1. Reinforces the volume of the concrete
    The first advantage is that the volume of the concrete is reinforced due to the homogeneous distribution of the steel fibres.
  2. Improved flexural strength
    The implementation of these fibres also improves the resistance to flexotraction. This is very necessary for the material to be able to withstand the loads on the pavement.
  3. They increase its durability
    The durability of the reinforced concrete floor is increased. This is mainly due to the fact that the steel filaments manage to control cracking and prevent cracks from spreading.
  4. They prevent the fragility of this material
    Likewise, they are a great solution to avoid the fragility of concrete that we have mentioned before, since they manage to improve ductility.
  5. They increase resistance to impact and stress
    Another advantage is that they increase the resistance of this element to impacts and repetitive stress, which is ideal for warehouse or factory floors.
  6. They prevent oxidation
    The steel strands reduce the oxidation that can occur on the mesh. While such a mesh can rust if any of its parts are left in the air, using the steel fibers this will not happen mainly because they are better integrated with the concrete.

It is important to note that this characteristic is of great importance since rust reduces the adhesion between the mesh and the concrete. Something that inevitably ends up reducing the reinforcement.

Therefore, if any of the reinforced concrete beams or industrial floors and structures have the mesh oxidized, serious accidents could occur.

  1. They offer greater safety
    In this way, you will be able to understand that steel-filament reinforced concretes offer greater safety, making workers less at risk.
  2. They reduce your weight
    Another benefit to be mentioned is that the use of the filaments reduces the weight significantly. Thus, reinforced concrete structures become more resistant as well as less heavy.
  3. Faster and easier application
    We also need to emphasise that the application of these fibres is quicker and easier than that of mesh. This has a beneficial effect on your installation.
  4. Lower cost
    Finally, we should point out that steel fibre reinforced concrete costs less. This makes it the best choice when it comes to making a reinforced concrete industrial floor.

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